How to become commercial pilot

How to become commercial pilot? – After 12, After graduation


How to become commercial pilot – Choosing a career like a commercial pilot is not easy as it seems, it’s not only a challenging task but also an honorable one. Becoming a commercial pilot has always been considered as one of the most exciting and adventurous job one can seek which is why young generations are showing an enormous amount of interest in this particular career.

This career not only offers high number of salaries but also have a great exposure and is thrilling. Usually, people start at the age of 17 to become a pilot, for commercial pilot students need to have licence and start working as a trainee. By this there are high chances to become a captain at the age of 25 counting on your own skills and experience.

Who is a commercial pilot?

A commercial pilot is a highly-qualified professional who flies airplanes for business purposes, which can be like transportation of goods and services, passengers, emergency rescues, aircraft testing, crop dusting, traffic monitoring etc… generally, commercial airlines appoint a staff of two people only that is a caption or Co pilot/First officer.

how to become commercial pilot?

The requirements of becoming commercial pilot changes from institutions to institutions, few institutes state that candidate should be a citizen of India, he/she should be unmarried and don’t have any physical or mental disabilities, here are some steps that one should follow:


The very first step is to give a written examination, the exam is conducted to check the knowledge of the students in subjects like Mathematics, Physics, English. Also, it is mandatory that students must have studied these subjects in the higher secondary.


This exam is taken to check the candidate’s technical knowledge in the field of aviation like knowledge about aircraft, navigation, aviation meteorology, engine technology and aircraft regulation.


Medical examination of candidates will only be done by the assigned doctors from DGCA, the purpose of doing this examination is to ensure that the candidate is in their best physical and mental health. Personal interview is conducted either by college or by the DGCA council. Pioneering pilots are expected to complete 250 hours of ground experience after getting the student pilot license, it depends on DGCA council whether to grant candidate with the license. After that there will be an oral examination where candidates have to go through in single attempt, if they fail, they will not be allowed to apply again. If you want to seek career in commercial pilot after 12th then here are some steps that you need to follow to fulfil your dream and to begin an adventurous journey:

Commercial Pilot After 12TH

➢ STEP 1: The minimum age of the candidate should be 17 years and should be passed with subject maths and physics in 12th grade if not he/she can pursue same subjects through NIOS or through state board as a private candidate.

➢ STEP 2: medical fitness-Student should not have any physical or mental disability. Also, he/she should have perfect eyesight i.e., 6/6, if have any defects it should be correctable.

➢ STEP 3: Pilot aptitude test- it’s a test which is conducted by all the pilot training institutes in three rounds, this test consists of written examination, aptitude test and an interview once it’s cleared student will get a seat in the pilot training institute of his/her own choice.

➢ STEP 4: CPL training- candidates with no flying experience will be given initio CPL training. To be a commercial pilot one should complete flight time of 200 hours, the entire training will last up to 15- 20 months.

➢ STEP 5: DGCA exam- after the training period one should apply for DGCA exam and he/she must have to clear it with 70% to secure Commercial Pilot License.

➢ STEP 6: Rating- it is totally depended on airline and aircraft factors that which type of rating will be given, for the type rating one must bear the expenses.

➢ STEP 7: ATPL- one must have to get an ATPL (Air Transport Pilot License) by completing 1500 hours of fly time.

Entrance Exams

Here is given below name of some entrance exam which are must appear to become commercial pilot.

Eligibility to Become Commercial pilot

Here is given all the eligibility criteria which are fulfill by aspirant to become commercial pilot.

  • candidate must have CPL if he/she aspires to become a commercial pilot. The authority who gives CPL is DGCA.
  • candidate must have passed +2.

Candidate need to join the pilot training course approved by DGCA and after joining he/she need to clear a written test. Candidate’s must be mentally and physically fit as per DGCA Class 1 assessment rules.
Candidate have to complete 200 hours of flying to be eligible for CPL. He/she have to pass a theory paper to apply for CPL (Mandatory) Candidates need to clear examinations conducted by various aviation academics to get trained for acquiring CPL.

Salary of commercial pilot

Job RoleMinimum SalaryMaximum salaryAverage Salary
Commercial Pilot1.2 Lakh 80 Lakh17 Lakh

Commercial Pilot: Training Institutes

Training institutes for commercial pilots are known as Flight Training Organizations (FTOs), here are some of the FTOs providing CPL Training given below:

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