Career as a Midwife – How to Become, Eligibility, Education, Salary

Career as a Midwife

Career as a Midwife – If you have compassion for people and a desire to be at the forefront of bringing life into the world, become a midwife and start your transforming journey. Be prepared to embark on a rewarding profession that celebrates the miracle of birth and makes an everlasting impact on the lives of many others. In this article, we’ll reveal key steps, inspirational thoughts, and motivational advice to help you navigate your way to becoming a midwife. 

Career as a Lecturer – How to Become, Eligibility, Salary


A lecturer is a teacher who teaches different types of students at higher education institutions like colleges or universities. They teach those subjects on which they have good command. They focus more on giving practical knowledge to their students through smart classes and seminars. Lecturers can also become professors by gaining years of experience and by earning PhD degrees.

Career in Yoga – Procedure, Job & Salary, Eligibility, Scope, Role 2024

Career in yoga

Career in Yoga – Yoga is a popular workout that can help you gain strength and flexibility while also having a good spiritual, mental, and emotional impact on your life. If you appreciate the art of yoga and are enthusiastic about helping others, becoming a certified yoga instructor can be a highly fulfilling job.
We now live in a society where people are more concerned about their health than they have ever been. We might also blame this abrupt shift on the nature of occupations and the rise in lifestyle disorders. People are more in danger today than in the past because their jobs require them to spend more time in front of computer screens. Yoga is a good alternative because it not only gives you a good workout but also relaxes you.

Radio Jockey – How to become, Scope & career, Role, Salary & Job, Eligibility, Education 2024

Radio Jockey

To be a radio jockey, you need to have qualities that you would never have imagined. Like speaking, listening, joking, how is your personality etc. How you look, how you speak, what kind of sound you can make. What can you do with your voices? You have to work very hard to become a radio jockey.
Initially, your salary is less about your experience with your efforts but as the sound reaches through the ears of your people by which people get pleasure and satisfaction in listening, then your name will go on and accordingly you will get success and fame. You can take your degree in Mass Communication to be a radio jockey.

Career as an Audiologist – How to become, Job & Salary, Eligibility, Scope, Role 2024


Audiologist – In the United States, there are around 16,000 licenced audiologists. Audiology is a rapidly expanding and dynamic field. Audiologists, in general, are responsible for assisting persons with hearing problems and other ear diseases.
The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) forecasts a 60% rise in public demand for audiologists over the next 30 years. This figure is much larger than the overall population increase projected. It also outperforms a wide range of other medical specialities.

How to become lawyer after 12th – Career as a Lawyer, Salary, Eligibility 2024

How to become Lawyer after 12th

How to become lawyer after 12th – If you wish to pursue a profession in law in a modern country like India, you have two possibilities. Five-year law courses and three-year law courses are available. After passing the 12th grade, any student is unsure of what to do next. Do five years of law school and three years of community college. What are the best legal job options? Many students believe that they should pursue a 3-year or 5-year law degree after graduation. Both law courses are beneficial to students. It depends on which college and institution he or she is attending for his or her law studies. Or, alternatively, what he or she must accomplish after earning a law degree.

What after 10th – Science, Commerce and Arts? Best career option 2024

What after 10th?

What after 10th – The problem is in the thinking of the people of our society. People of our society think that if any student has got good marks in class X or they are topper of their school, then they should study class 11th and 12th with science stream and if they have average marks, then they should take commerce stream in class 11th and 12th and if the students have low Mark’s, then they should continue their studies from Arts stream.

How to join Indian Railway? – All Group 2024

How to join Indian Railway? - All Groups

It has more than 70,000 passengers and more than 11,000 locomotives.
Group A
Group B
Group C
Group D

Group A post,Eligibility,Salary
Group B post,Eligibility,Salary
Group C post,Eligibility,Salary
Group D post,Eligibility,Salary

AI -What is Artificial Intelligence, Eligibility, Fee, Top college, Scope 2024

AI Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence are also called Machine intelligence. Artificial intelligence simply means making a machine that can work like a human or make a program who think like human and mimic their action.

Due to Artificial Intelligence, nowadays we easily ask our question to Virtual Assistant’s like Google assistant, siri , Alexa etc.

Eligibility – minimum 12th

Higher Education – B.E./B.Tech,M.E./M.Tech

Admission Procedure – Different institute have different procedure

Career Prospectus
Video game programmer
Machine learning research
Robotics programmer
Software engineer

Top Colleges
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
University of Hyderabad
Indian Institute of Science Bangalore
Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Indian statistical Institute Kolkata

Fee structure – certificate 20,000 – 70,000

Career as Air Hostess – How to become, Course, Salary, Scope 2024

Career as a Air Hostess

Career as a Air Hostess – If you also want to fulfill the dream of flying in the sky as soon as possible, then the career of air hostess can put wings in your dreams. Air hostess as a career is always in demand. In this, along with high salary, you also get good personality and respect.
Skills – Aspirant’s must have a pleasing or glamorous personality.
They have good presence of mind.
They have skill of taking better and instant decision.
Should work with the patient for a long time.
Eligibility – Nationality indian
Age 17 – 26 years
Education Qualifications – 12 with 45% to 50
How to become air hostess?
first take admission in certificate, diploma or degree course then appear in the interview.
there is 7 type of air hostess.
courses offered,
fee structure and Scope