Career as Air Hostess – How to become, Course, Scope, Salary

Career as Air Hostess – Whenever we see an airplane flying in the sky, we also feel like flying in the sky. If you also want to fulfill the dream of flying in the sky as soon as possible, then the career of air hostess can put wings in your dreams. Air hostess as a career is always in demand. In this, along with high salary, you also get good personality and respect.

If we talk about the work of the air hostess, then they have to give all the information related to their seat and seat belts and security along with the discipline maintenance and also check emergency arrangements before landing and take off of the airplane. If you also have a question in your mind, whether boys can do air hostess jobs or not, then the answer is yes but the only difference is that we call them Stewart instead of Air Hostess. To know more about Career as a Air hostess, Ho through this article.

Air hostess Skills and Attributes

If you want to get the job of Air Hostess or Steward as soon as possible, then you should have all the below skills.

  • Easily handle adverse situation and find solution with keep yourself calm and patient.
  • Aspirant’s must have a food sense of responsibility.
  • Aspirant’s must have a pleasing or glamorous personality.
  • They have good presence of mind.
  • They have skill of taking better and instant decision.
  • Should work with the patient for a long time.
  • Must be honest as well as systematic approach towards duty.
  • Mush have good communication skills with clear speech and voice as well as good appearance.
  • Try to speak in pleasant voice.
  • They are interested in team spirit.
  • Must have positive attitude as well as good sense of humour.

Air Hostess Eligibility Criteria

If Aspirant’s want to become a Air hostess, then they must complete this below requirement.


  • Candidate’s should be eligible for an Indian passport.

Age criteria

  • Only those Candidate’s apply for Air hostess who are in the age of 17 to 26 year’s.

Education Qualification

  • Aspirant’s must have passed 10+2 level of education or equivalent examination in any stream from any recognized board.
  • 45 to 50 % Mark’s is required for taking admission in any institutions.

Martial status

  • Candidate’s should be unmarried.

Medical criteria

  • Minimum height requirements for girl is 157.5 cm & for boy is 170 cm and weight is proportionate to height.
  • Candidate’s should have perfect eye sight with the ratio of 6/6.
  • Candidate’s must be physically or medically fit.

Other requirements

  • Candidate’s should have good health with fair complexion.

Language criteria

  • Candidate’s must be fluent in any foreign language along with English and Hindi.

Note – Mark’s of 12th or equivalent exam is vary from Institute to Institute.

How to become a Air hostess?

First, Aspirant’s have to qualify 10+2 level of education with required Mark’s according to eligibility so that they can take certificate, diploma or degree in the field of Air hostess. After 12th , Aspirant’s have to take admission in any certificate, Diploma or degree course.

We advice you that if candidate’s have no pressure then they should take admission on degree course so that they can place at the high post of Air hostess. Post of air hostess depend on the qualifications of candidate. There is many type of post in the field of Air hostess.

After complete certificate course or diploma course or degree programme course then check vacancies at different places like news paper, magazine as well as contact to your placement cell or many option for job or many time candidate’s can get placement from those Institutions where you did you complete course, diploma or degree.

After apply at any branch, Aspirant’s will be select on the basis of interview performance. In interview, Aspirant’s situation handle mentality will be check by the Interviewer’s. After cracking interview, Aspirant’s will be post as Air hostess.

Types of Air Hostess

There are 7 type of job roles in Air hostess. After successful interview, Aspirant’s have option to select these job roles or fix post set by the interviewer. Types of job roles are given below.

Air Hostess / Cabin crew

  • They have to work on the everything related to passenger once they board and after take-off the flight.

Airline Steward / Stewardess

  • They have to work on the safety of passenger and guide passenger in emergency situation.

Senior Flight Attendant

  • They have to work to ensure safety of passenger as well as check the emergency equipment before take-off the flight.

Ground Staff

  • The ground staff have many responsibility such as help the passenger, clear doubts of passenger, provide information regarding flight take-off.

Trainer / Recruiter

  • They have to work on on-flight duties, security system and emergency procedure.

Crew Scheduler

  • They have work to manage schedule of crew and the pilots.

Crew Manager

  • The crew manager have responsibility of welfare of all crew and members of airlines.

Air Hostess Courses Offered

There is many certificate course, diploma or degree programme available in the market. Duration of certificate course is 3 to 6 months or duration of Diploma course is 6 month to 1 year’s approx and duration of degree course is 3 year’s. Some name given below.

Popular Certificate course

  • Aviation & Hospitality Services
  • Air Hostess / Flight Purser
  • Aviation Management

Popular diploma course

  • Diploma in professional cabin crew
  • Airport management & customer care (Diploma)
  • Diploma in professional ground staff services
  • Diploma in airlines management

Degree programme

  • B.B.A. & M.B.A. (Aviation)
  • PG Diploma in Aviation & Hospitality services
  • PG Diploma in airport ground services

Air Hostess Fee structure

Fee structure is vary from Institutions to Institutions and depend upon course which is certificate, diploma or degree program. In all courses, Aspirant’s get training along with knowledge. The average fee for Air hostess course is between Rs. 50,000/- to Rs. 1,50,000/-.

Scope of Air hostess

Aspirant’s have lot’s of scope in the line of Air hostess. Employment opportunities are not limited to commercial Airlines. Some top sectors are given below.

  • Commercial Airlines
  • Corporate Airlines
  • Air Hostess Training Institutes
  • Chartered Airlines
  • Military Airlines
  • Personality Development Institutes
  • Airports
  • Top Recruiting Companies for Air Hostess/Cabin Crew
    • Air India
    • Indian Airlines
    • Sahara India
    • Alliance Air
    • Mahindra & Mahindra
    • Tata
    • Gulf Air
    • British Airways
    • Delta Airlines
    • Go Air
    • Jet Airways
    • Singapore Airlines
    • Delta Airlines
    • British Airways
    • Qatar Airways
    • Lufthansa
    • Virgin Atlantic
    • Cathay Pacific

Salary of Air Hostess

There is no shortage of money in the profession of Air Hostess. Here Aspirant’s get 3 to 4 lakh package in the starting and salary of Air Hostess is increase with increasing experience. After 4 to 5 year of experience, Your salary can increase up to 10 lakh. Salary is also depend on your post or which certificate course diploma or degree, you have completed.

Top Institutions for Air hostess

In India, There are some colleges that offer training of Air Hostess in the different field such as on- ground services, Air hostess training, handling aviation cargo, hospital and customer services. Top training colleges and Institutions are given below.

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