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BDes – Many leading design colleges in India provide a full-time four-year degree course (spread over eight semesters) called Bachelor of Design (B.Des). There are, however, a few design institutes in India that offer B.Des as a five-year programme.

Aspirants who enrol in a Design degree programme are taught about the newest trends and technologies that are used at various stages of the design process. Participants are kept involved in the classroom not just through theory lessons, but also through regular workshops, exhibitions of their own work, seminars, fashion shows, and other activities.

A Bachelor of Design degree might be pursued if you have a love for creativity and a talent for design. Furthermore, if you are confused about which specific sector of design to pursue, such as Jewellery Design, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Game Design, Web Design, and so on, a broad B.Des degree is the best option because it allows you to study various fields and then proceed as desired.

What is BDes?

Bachelor of Design (BDes) or B.Design is a well-known undergraduate design education. Fashion Designing, Interior Designing, Accessory Designing, Textile Designing, and other specialisations are all available as part of a four-year B.Des degree. The BDes degree has grown through time and is now available in a variety of design specialisations, including Graphic Design, Multimedia Design, VFX Design, Visual Communication, and Game Designing.

This broadens the breadth of a B.Design degree by providing job alternatives, opportunities in a variety of industries, and opportunities to master new technology. CAD, CAM, product development, marketing, specialisation-specific subjects, vocational subjects, optional subjects, and personality and skills development subjects are all included in the course curriculum. Internships, events, and exhibitions at a national and international level provide students pursuing a B.Des degree with exposure to the design sector.

Why Choose BDes?

Thanks to ever-changing technologies and profitable global organisations, the demand for designers is growing. Companies are still looking for young designers who can meet the industry’s requirements. The variety of design occupations has expanded as the design industry has grown.

Beginning with a fashion design tutorial, the design business has expanded its network in a variety of ways. Now is the time to aspire to be a fashion designer, but don’t stop there. There are several options to examine, including graphic design, automotive design, interior design, apparel design, and animation design.

  • Growing Industry – As people become more conscious of the importance of design aesthetics, there is a surge in demand for qualified designers.
  • Opportunity to be Creative – This is another profession where an aspirant can be creative and think outside the box while still getting a job.
  • Job Growth – The salary is high, and promotions in rank come with a slew of benefits.

BDes Course Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must meet the eligibility criteria outlined below in order to enrol in BDes courses.

  • Passing Class 12 in any stream – If you have completed high school from a recognised educational board, you are able to apply for a BDes course by direct admission to universities or through multiple entrances and counselling later.
  • Diploma in Design – If you have finished a diploma programme in design that has been accredited by the AICTE, you can pursue BDes. In this instance, the candidates must have passed the entrance exam.

BDes Courses Admission Process

Every institute has its own admissions process for B.Des. Some colleges require students to take admission tests, while others select students based on their performance on the qualifying exam. The following is an explanation of the B.Des admissions process.

BDes Entrance Exams

Individual institutes normally provide an entrance exam for admission to the B.Des programme. Some colleges also accept popular national design entrance tests, such as the UCEED, to admit students. Shortlisted candidates are summoned for additional phases of admission, such as group discussion, personal interview, portfolio review, studio test, and so on, based on their entrance exam score.

BDes Merit-based admissions

Only a few colleges examine candidates’ marks in 10+2 or its equivalent when making admission decisions. The better a candidate’s grades are, the more likely he or she is to get shortlisted for the desired college.

BDes Course Preparation Tips

The B.Des course may be beneficial to students interested in research, engineering, and development. Here are some suggestions for B.Des.

  • Syllabus – Study the syllabus carefully and create a schedule based on it.
  • Exam Format – Review the test pattern and prepare for it by taking practice tests and raising the tempo.
  • Interact with other students – To gain helpful information, talk to students who have completed the course or are currently enrolled.
  • Ask questions and read beyond the syllabus – Students must be proactive in asking questions and reading beyond the course.

BDes Course Fee structure

B.Des. fees can be as low as Rs. 10 lahks in private colleges and as low as Rs. 7 lahks in government colleges like NIFT. After completing the Bachelor of Design programme, many students find immediate employment in internships, project work, and permanent positions. After completing a B.Des., the average pay is around Rs. 3 lakhs.

BDes Specializations

The structure of the B.Des course is designed to introduce students to various design processes, specialities, and communication strategies. Students can pick from a variety of specialisations, some of which are listed below.

1.B.Des in Fashion Design
2.B.Des in Interior Design
3.B.Des in Graphic Design

BDes Syllabus and Subjects

Design is one of the most diversified fields, with plenty to offer aspiring designers. The various aspects of design are taught to a design graduate. Design students are well-positioned to join an organization’s pool of highly competent employees. They are taught how to become entrepreneurs as well as scholars in a variety of fields. The following are some of the most popular topics in this field.

  • Introduction To Design
  • Elements Of Design
  • Material Studies In Design
  • Communication Studies In Design
  • Design Sketching

BDes Higher Studies

Higher education opportunities in this discipline are many both in India and overseas. There are specialised Master of Design programmes available. Higher education courses in this field are offered by a number of reputable schools and universities. Some sectors of higher education are listed below.

  • M.Des. (Fashion Design)
  • M.Des. (Textile Design)
  • M.Des. (Interior Design)
  • M.Des. (Ceramic Design)
  • M.Des. (Game Design)
  • M.Des. (Multimedia Design)
  • M.Des. (Jewellery & Metal Design)
  • M.Des. (Graphic Design)

BDes Scope

B Des specialised courses provide more creative freedom and flexibility and are designed toward developing well-rounded graduates with millennial skills and expertise. You have earned the abilities necessary to develop a profession in design after earning your Bachelor of Design from one of the world’s best fashion design colleges. The nicest thing about design courses is that they give students a lot of flexibility and versatility, allowing them to work in a variety of sectors.

BDes Job Profiles

Here is a list of top job profiles in the fashion and lifestyle business that offer the most opportunities for advancement:

  • Art Director
  • Design Manager
  • Fashion Designer
  • Textile Designer
  • Costume Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Product Designer
  • Industrial Designer
  • Fashion Stylists
  • Fashion Forecasters
  • Weaving Consultant
  • Fashion Merchandiser
  • Teacher
  • Outside Sale Representative
  • Fashion Merchandiser
  • Cutting Assistant
  • Interior Designer Entrepreneur

BDes Top Recruiters

The following are the recruiters for BDes grduate.

  • Flipkart
  • Videocon
  • Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. (Automotive Sector)
  • Hindustan Unilever Limited
  • Cognizant
  • Malabar Gold & Diamonds
  • TCS
  • Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.
  • GE Healthcare
  • Wipro
  • MediaShala
  • General Motors Design
  • Fluent India

BDes Salary

For various experiences and qualifications, each job has a separate wage package. The income of a fashion designer is determined by a number of criteria, including the location of the job, the candidate’s qualifications, recruiters, experience, and working skills.

  • A Fashion Designer’s initial compensation ranges from Rs. 2 to 3 lacs per year. You can start earning Rs. 6 to 7 lacs per annum if you have a solid position and experience.

BDes colleges

The list of Some reputed colleges and universities to pursue BDes courses is the following.

  • NID, Ahmedabad
  • Industrial Design Centre, IIT Bombay
  • Indian Institute of Art and Design, [IIAD] New Delhi
  • NIFT, Mumbai
  • NIFT, Delhi
  • Pearl Academy, Mumbai
  • NID, Gandhinagar
  • Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune
  • NIFT, Hyderabad
  • IIT, Delhi

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bachelor of Design (BDes) or Bachelor of Design (BDesign) is a well-known undergraduate design degree. Fashion Designing, Interior Designing, Accessory Designing, Textile Designing, and other specialisations are all available as part of a four-year B.Des degree.

A Fashion Designer’s initial compensation ranges from Rs. 2 to 3 lacs per year. You can start earning Rs. 6 to 7 lacs per annum if you have a solid position and experience.

The Bachelor of Design (B. Des) is a professional degree programme for creative people with creativity and aptitude. The program’s goal is to teach students how to design and build furniture systems and interior architecture in a creative way.

Yes, you can pursue an interior design job with a BDes degree. It is a recommended professional path for those interested in pursuing a modern design path. Furthermore, it is a well-paying job option; students with the correct combination of talents can even establish their own business.

BDes Admission 2021 In several government and private colleges across India, BDes admission is done through entrance examinations such as AIEED, SEED, DAT, and others.

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