Diploma in Physical Education – Full form, Course details, Salary, Eligibility, Scope, Admission, Syllabus

Diploma in Physical Education – A two-year diploma program in physical education consists mostly of practical topics. Candidates will learn about the accessibility of various sports and activities through the D.P.Ed. curriculum. The training also equips students with the ability to inspire others to achieve good physical health. The Diploma in Physical Education program is set up to give students a thorough overview of the importance of fitness, physical activity, and health in everyday life. The themes included in a diploma in physical education are coaching & training, physical ability, outdoor activities, and other skills needed for various adventure kinds.

What is Diploma in Physical Education?

The majority of the time, a DPEd program will admit students based on their 10+2 grade point average. The merit list is created by university representatives and published in accordance with which candidates may choose the particular university. They can train to work as sports trainers, fitness instructors, yoga instructors, etc. after completing the course. They can also choose to pursue advanced degrees like a BPEd, MPEd, or even a Ph.D. The course’s primary emphasis is on coaching and training and other skills necessary for various adventure kinds.

Why Choose D.P.Ed?

For candidates who wish to learn more about high, medium, & low accessibility of various sports and activities, pursuing a D.P.Ed can open possibilities. The training also equips students with the ability to inspire others to achieve good physical health.

Diploma in Physical Education Course Eligibility Criteria

The primary requirements for admission to the diploma program are that the applicant has a 12th-grade diploma in any stream and has graduated or completed post-graduate work from an accredited school. 

  • Candidates must have received an overall grade in 12th grade of at least 50% to 60%. 
  • Sports quota Aspirants are also eligible for this program since, at some institutions, this qualifies them for additional benefits or a relaxation of the requirements.

Diploma in Physical Education Courses Admission Process

A merit-based selection procedure is used to choose who gets to enroll in the course. Direct entry is available to Diploma in Physical Education programs at several universities. Candidates applying for this program should have their scores from the relevant school board exams and, if necessary, a sports certificate that their chosen institutions demand.

The college’s website offers a diploma in physical education, and you may also apply in person at the admissions office. Additionally, certain faculties may interview applicants before admission to ascertain whether or not they possess the necessary skills for sports and physical activity.

No matter the university, the selection procedure for a Diploma in Physical Education in India is often the same. In general, faculties base their final judgment of candidates only on how well they performed overall during the early stages after receiving their applications for the course.

D.P.Ed Entrance Exams

Some of the universities provide admission to D.P.Ed on behalf of the entrance exam. Here is mentioned some top Diplomas in Physical Education Entrance Exams.

  • Gujarat University Entrance Exam
  • Tatya Tope State College of Physical Education Entrance Exam
  • Malwa College of Physical Education Entrance Exam
  • Jayaram Polytechnic College Entrance Exam
  • Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda University Entrance Exam

D.P.Ed Entrance Exams Syllabus

The affirmation application structure is available for download on the school website. Competition has demanded the written test because the confirmation application structure was successfully accommodated. A composed Test is a possible objective and abstract type. General knowledge, current events, English language, popular media, case studies, and other questions may be combined into the target paper.

D.P.Ed Course Preparation Tips & Books

The following are the preparation tips for D.P.Ed entrance exam 

  • Know D.P.Ed exam pattern
  • Analysis D.P.Ed entrance exam detailed syllabus
  • Make a strict study schedule for D.P.Ed entrance exam preparation
  • Solve D.P.Ed PYQP
  • Attend D.P.Ed mock tests

D.P.Ed 2022 Preparation Books

The following are the best book for D.P.Ed entrance exam preparation.

Name of the bookAuthor
Senior Physical Education: An Integrated ApproachDavid Kirk
The Champion’s Mind: How Great Athletes Think, Train, and ThriveJim Afremow
Essentials of Strength Training and ConditioningNSCA ( National Strength & Conditioning Association)
New Functional Training For SportsMichael J.Boyle
Teaching Sports Concepts and Skills: A Tactical Games ApproachStephen A. Mitchell

Diploma in Physical Education Course Fee structure

The fee of the D.P.Ed program varies and is not fixed. Region, faculty, need, infrastructure, as well as the facilities that students have access to, are some of the elements that determine the fees for a diploma in physical education. In India, the fee of a D.P.Ed program ranges from Rs. 5,000/- to 2 LPA.

D.P.Ed: Top Colleges with Fees

College NameAverage Annual Fees in INR
Suryadatta Group of Institutes BavdhanRs. 15,000/-
Mahatma Gandhi UniversityRs. 16,410/-
Thiruvalluvar UniversityRs. 17,500/-
Lovely Professional UniversityRs. 1,18,000/-
Tantia UniversityRs. 30,000/-
St.Soldier College of EducationRs. 12,000/-
Mata Gurdev Kaur Memorial Shahi Sports College of Physical EducationRs. 3,690/-
Govind National CollegeRs. 40,000/-
The Alagappa University College of Physical EducationRs. 16,000/-

D.P.Ed Syllabus

The table below provides the DPEd course content per semester for aspirants. 

Semester 1

Principle and History of Physical Education in IndiaPsychology in Physical Education
Foundations of Physical EducationBasic Anatomy and Physiology
Methods in Physical EducationRecreation & Value Education
Athletics (Track Events)Gymnastics
Games (Football, Volleyball)Mass Display Activity (Free Hand)

Semester 2

RecreationHealth Education
Educational TechnologyOfficiating and Coaching
Athletics (Jumping Events)Yoga
Games(Basketball, Kho-Kho)Mass Display Activity (Lezium, Dumbbell & Tipri)

Semester 3

Sports TrainingChild Psychology and Sociology
Information Technology in Physical EducationYouth Leadership & Social Welfare
YogaOlympic Movement
Kinesiology & BiomechanicsSports Training
Athletics (Throwing Events)Games (Judo & Boxing)
Games (Kabaddi & Handball)Aerobics ( Rhythmic Aerobics)

Semester 4

Sports Psychology & SociologySports Medicine
Sports Injuries and RehabilitationTest and Measurement in Physical Education
Computer ApplicationsOrganization & Administration
Athletics Meet (Opening, March Past, Victory Ceremony & Closing)Games – (Hockey & Cricket)
Games- (Badminton & Wrestling)Swimming

Diploma in Physical Education Scope

Diploma in Physical Education Higher Studies

Students might seek a higher degree after earning a diploma in physical education to learn more and advance their employment opportunities. The diploma program can help students advance while they pursue higher education in their desired careers. After earning a diploma in P.Ed., consider taking the following courses:

  • Certificate in Physical Education
  • B.P.Ed
  • B.A. Physical Education
  • M.P.Ed
  • Ph.D. in P.Ed

Diploma in Physical Education Job Profiles

For those interested in a career in business and finance, there are several job options available. Your area of specialization when obtaining your degree will affect the kind of employment you can get with a diploma in physical education. Graduates with a diploma in physical education will have a wide range of employment options with lucrative pay packages in the following fields:

  • Coach
  • Physical Therapist
  • Fitness Centre Director
  • Nutrition Specialist
  • Personal Trainer
  • School Gym Teacher
  • Physical Education Teacher
  • Recreation Centre Director
  • Athletic Trainer
  • Cardiovascular Fitness Instructor
  • Rehabilitation Specialist
  • Physical Education Instructor

Diploma in Physical Education Employment Areas

The following are the employment sectors for Diploma in Physical Education holders.

  • Gyms/ Fitness Centres
  • Hospitals
  • Therapy Centres
  • Educational Institutes
  • Sports Centres

Diploma in Physical Education Recruiters

The following are the recruiters for all those who have completed their Diploma in Physical Education.

  • National Institute of Sports
  • Tata Football Academy
  • National Cricket Academy
  • Delhi University
  • Therapy centers
  • Hospitals and Health centers

Diploma in Physical Education Salary

By gaining additional experience, internships assist graduates in increasing their income. Graduates who hold a diploma in physical education may expect to make an average income of Rs. 2–8 LPA.

Name of Job ProfileThe average salary in INR
Physical Education TeacherRs. 5 Lakhs
Sports TrainerRs. 4 Lakhs
Gym TrainerRs. 3 Lakhs
Nutrition SpecialistRs. 10 Lakhs
Personal TrainerRs. 6 Lakhs
Physical TherapistRs. 7 Lakhs
Rehabilitation SpecialistRs. 8 Lakhs
Got a question?

Frequently Asked Questions

DPEd is a course that may be taken online.

DPEd is a two-year, full-time program.

Students who pass their Class 12 examinations are eligible for admission. They must have received at least 50 to 60 percent of the possible points and be able to satisfy all of the university’s requirements.

Yes, All applicants who are committed to a career in physical education as a teacher, trainer, or instructor must enroll in this program before continuing their studies.

A profession in physical education can lead to a wide variety of related job opportunities, including participating in the sport of choice, working in health clubs, manufacturing sports goods, marketing, commentating on sporting events, and training athletes.

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