Diploma in Fashion Designing – Course details, Salary, Eligibility, Scope, Admission, Syllabus

Diploma in Fashion Designing – Fashion designers and producers are finding it challenging to maintain up with the growing demand for creativity as the duration of fashion trends in the garment business continues to dwindle. An individual has the chance to quickly advance in their fashion designing skills by earning a certificate in the field. It is a brief course designed to give those who want to work in the fashion designing sector a specialised understanding of fashion and apparel design. Let’s examine the many facets of this diploma programme as well as the global variations that are available.

What is Diploma in Fashion Designing?

For undergraduate candidates who are interested in the topic of fashion design, there is a diploma programme. Applicants may apply if they have received their 10+2 diploma from an accredited board. The Diploma in Fashion Designing course lasts a full year. By providing information on the most recent trends in the fashion business, diploma in fashion design programme helps students develop their talents. The area of fashion design is growing in popularity every year. 

Admission to the diploma programme in fashion design is based on a merit list compiled from the qualifying test, such as the 12th grade or an equivalent exam. Delivering top-notch designs that are both useful and visually pleasing with fashion is the main goal. There are several work options for students enrolled in the Diploma in Fashion Designing programme both in India & overseas in a variety of fields, including fashion, garment manufacturing, designing, etc. In India, there are several colleges offering diploma programmes in fashion design. The cost of a diploma in fashion design varies per university.

Why Choose a Bachelor of Science in Horticulture?

The following are the advantage that encourages us to enrol in this course.

  • For those who wish to quickly master the abilities of fashion designing and realise their ambition of becoming a fashion designer, then this is a great programme. There are a few details concerning the Diploma in Fashion Design that are stated below.
  • The programme of study offered to learners who wish to turn their creative ideas into actuality is a diploma in fashion design. This brief course emphasises training specific to the fashion sector. The length of this course is one year, however, it may be shorter.
  • A diploma in fashion design educates individuals on technicalities & fosters creativity as well as innovation. Additionally, they learn how to promote and conduct a lot of research. 

Diploma in Fashion Designing Course Eligibility Criteria

The requirements for a fashion design diploma vary depending on the school. After completing their 12th-grade year, candidates can register in a curriculum for a diploma in fashion design. Candidates have a range of options for their 10+2 courses, including Science, the Arts, and Business. Students must take admission tests to enter a variety of institutions. In order to be qualified to study fashion design after the 12th grade:

  • A minimum of a 45 per cent grade point average in the 10+2 is required.
  • All applicants must fulfil the minimal standards established by each diploma in fashion design college.

Diploma in Fashion Designing Courses Admission Process

The entrance requirements for colleges that offer a diploma in fashion design might change. A large number of private institutions admit students directly depending on their performance in class 10th. But some colleges, like NIFT, admit candidates depending on how well they score in the written exam, which is accompanied by a personal interview. Candidates who apply for the programme online as well as offline are given direct admission to the Diploma in Fashion Design programme. Once they have been chosen, they are contacted by the universities and requested to pay the admission fees to secure their seat.

The application procedure for the Diploma in Fashion Designing in India can be completed online or on college grounds. The admission programme for the Diploma in Fashion Designing is offered by several universities both directly and through entrance exams. The course’s admission procedure is conducted strictly in accordance with the results of secondary or upper secondary education as well as the results of several entrance tests. The eligibility requirements for the Diploma in Fashion Designing, which are based on a combination of marks earned in 10+2 schooling, must thus be met by aspirants applying for the programme.

Candidates who are willing to enrol in the Diploma in Fashion Designing programme may do so online or offline. The selection of candidates for the programme is determined by the grades received in a secondary or upper secondary school as well as the results of several entrance tests for the Diploma in Fashion Designing. The applicants can submit an application for the Diploma in Fashion Designing programme by obtaining an admissions form from the colleges.

Diploma in Fashion Designing Entrance Exams

The students might take any of the several admission tests offered in India for the Diploma in Fashion Designing programme. A strong merit score from the 10+2 schooling and taking admission tests is a must. In a reputable institution or university, the students can get a spot for the course. The following are some of the tops and required admission tests for the diploma in fashion design:

  • NIFT
  • NID
  • CEED
  • DAT
  • SOFT

Diploma in Fashion Designing Course Fee Structure

The fee structure is between Rs. 30K to 5 LPA for Fashion Designing Diploma. The charges of the programme may change based on the amenities and facilities supplied at the institution or university and the quality of instruction delivered.

Colleges Diploma in Fashion Designing Fee
Vogue Institute of Art and DesignRs. 95,580
IIFA MultimediaRs. 65,000
Inter National Institute of Fashion DesignRs. 155,000
LISAA School of DesignRs. 210,000
Integrated Institute of Education TechnologyRs. 3,000 
JD Institute Of Fashion Technology, HyderabadRs. 120,000
Instituto Design Innovation Institute Of Fashion & Interior Design, HyderabadRs. 62,500
International Institute of Fashion DesignRs. 124,000
Aartreum School Of Design, HyderabadRs. 100,000
Raffles Design International Rs. 374,243

Bachelor of Science in Horticulture Syllabus

The topics presented in the programme are useful and practical. These subjects carefully instruct students in the finer points of fashion design and prepare them for successful careers in the field. The following are some of the typical topics studied in a fashion design diploma:

Semester 1

1.General Fashion Theory
2.Fabric Selection
3.History of Costumes
4.Fashion Tools and Techniques
5.Basic Silhouettes
6.Saree Designing
7.Fashion Exhibition
8.Drafting of Blocks and Patterns
9.Measurements and Patterns
10.Fashion Forecasting

Semester 2

1.Fashion Principles
2.Fashion Illustration
3.Fashion Accessories
4.Quality Assurance
5.Silhouettes of Garments
6.Industrial Training Reports
7.Fashion Show
8.Stitching Methods and Applications
9.Advertising and Media Planning
10.Fashion Exhibition

Diploma in Fashion Designing Specialization

The following is a list of the top-choice degrees in fashion design available after the 12th grade:

1.Diploma in Fashion Technology
2.Diploma in Leather Design
3.Diploma in Apparel Design
4.Diploma in Textile Design
5.Diploma in Fashion Photography
6.Diploma in Fashion Design
7.Diploma in Visual Merchandising
8.Diploma in Jewellery Design
9.Diploma in Retail Merchandising

Diploma in Fashion Designing Scope

Given the increasing candidate’s interest in this industry, the future of the diploma programme in fashion design is promising. The need for fashion designers is expanding as more people become conscious of current trends. Candidates with a diploma in fashion design have the option of working for an employer or opening their own business. Additionally, they can continue their schooling. 

Diploma in Fashion Designing Higher Studies

  • B.Des in Fashion Design
  • B.Des in Knitwear Design
  • B.Sc in Lifestyle and Accessories Design
  • B.A Honours Fashion Styling and Image Design
  • M.Sc in Fashion Design

Diploma in Fashion Designing Job Profiles

  • Fashion Designer
  • Stylist
  • Fashion Entrepreneur
  • Fashion Illustrator
  • Retail Manager
  • Fashion Blogger
  • Accessory Designer
  • Model
  • Brand Manager
  • Product Developer
  • Tailor
  • Freelancer
  • Lecturer

Diploma in Fashion Designing Employment Areas

  • NGO
  • Textile Committee
  • Handloom Sector
  • Local Artisans

Diploma in Fashion Designing Recruiters

  • Marks & Spencer
  • H&M
  • Satya Pau
  • made in my India.com
  • Levis
  • Reebok
  • Calvin Klein
  • antraDesi
  • lifestyle
  • Pankaj & Nidhi
  • Arvind Textile

Diploma in Fashion Designing Salary

Salary for a diploma in fashion design courses varies based on an applicant’s knowledge and abilities. The firm you work for is another element that affects the average wage package. Aspirants who are just starting out may begin with a pay package that is typical, but as they gain experience, it improves up to a particular level. The typical remuneration for the course, which is provided, ranges from Rs. 2L to 10L annually. A diploma in fashion design is available in the public sector:

Job ProfileAverage Salary
Fashion DesignerRs. 3,50,000
Fashion StylistRs. 4,30,000
Quality ControllerRs. 3,98,000
Pattern MakerRs. 4,00,000
Visual MerchandiserRs. 4,15,000

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