Diploma in Web Designing – Course details, Salary, Eligibility, Scope, Admission, Syllabus

Diploma in Web Designing – Web Designing Diploma is a one- to two-year programme that teaches candidates about the different facets of website design. Personal interviews and passing scores on the appropriate entrance exams are used to determine who gets admitted to this programme. After receiving a diploma, the initial income ranges from Rs. 2 to 8 lakhs annually. The people that need to take this course include front-end developers, layout analysts, online marketing analysts, etc. Anyone can find all the information you need about the Diploma in Web Designing course in this article.

What is Diploma in Web Designing?

Candidates who enrol in the one- or two-year Diploma in Web Designing programme learn many approaches, facets, and strategies for creating websites. The institution to which an applicant is admitted really determines the course’s precise length. The programme is made specifically for those who work in the IT industry and will provide them with the information and skills they need to work with various web design applications.

Admission to a diploma programme in web design is granted based on the results of an interview and the applicant’s performance on the entrance exam. The need for web designers has increased significantly in recent years, and this trend is predicted to continue in the years to come. For anyone interested in web design, it can be a really good career choice.

Why Choose a Bachelor of Science in Horticulture?

The following are the benefits of enrolling on a web designing diploma.

  • Nowadays, web design is a major industry since it affects how consumers view your company. The impression you provide them influences their decision to stay on your website and learn about your company.
  • Web design sectors have grown by 27% while various other sectors have experienced a fall in growth.
  • Making businesses reach their online achievement objectives or aims will give you a sense of self-rule and pride as a web designer. Additionally, you have lots of chances to use your creative side and be rewarded handsomely for it.
  • Additionally, you have the freedom to operate remotely with a variety of customers and sectors.

Diploma in Web Designing Course Eligibility Criteria

Every college that provides the programme has a different set of requirements for applicants to the diploma programme in web design. The qualifying requirements are established based on a variety of variables, including the program’s popularity, the total number of applicants, and the course’s contents. If an applicant wants to be admitted, they must fulfil all qualifying conditions. Aspirants are disqualified from taking part in the admissions process if they do not match the eligibility requirements. The following list includes all requirements for entrance to the diploma degree in web design:

  • Applicant must have successfully passed grade 12.
  • Aspirants need to have gotten a minimum of 55 per cent on their Grade 12 finals.
  • Applicants must have taken mathematics as one of their required 12th-grade subjects.
  • If the university requires it, applicants must pass the admission exam.

Diploma in Web Designing Courses Admission Process

The admissions procedure for a diploma in web design can be entrance- and merit-based. Depending on the sort of institute applicants are applying to, different procedures apply. Government institutions often need applicants to pass entrance exams, but private colleges choose direct admission based on class 12 academic merit. The details of both entrance procedures are covered below:

Merit-Based Admission

  • If students wish to join this curriculum, they may apply to Diploma in Web Design colleges both offline & online.
  • By visiting the college’s web page, fill out the application form.
  • Complete the appropriate application form & upload all required documents as instructed.
  • To obtain your desired college, set up a counselling appointment and a personal interview after finishing the application procedure.

Entrance Based Admission

  • Aspirants for entry-based admission must narrow down the entrance exams they will need to pass in order to be admitted.
  • Students who pass the exams must submit applications to the institutions with a legitimate entrance exam grade while they wait for the release of the merit list.
  • Entrants must complete the registration form either online or offline, which is found on the college’s website or at the admissions office, as appropriate.
  • Applicants must pay the tuition & confirm their acceptance by enrolling in the degree course if their names appear on the merit list, their information is accurate, and the admissions office has checked their documentation.

Diploma in Web Designing Entrance Exams

Most universities favour direct admission based on class 12 merit especially when it applies to admission to diploma programmes in web design. Few universities require candidates applying for a diploma in web design to pass an entrance test. The following list includes the top admission exams for diplomas in web design:

  • NID Entrance Exam
  • MET

Diploma in Web Designing Course Fee Structure

A web design diploma programme may charge anywhere from 50,000 to 5,000 Indian Rupees (Rs.). The price is entirely dependent on the college where the student enrols. The degree fees, on average, are between Rs. 1 and 2 Lakhs.

Name of the CollegeAverage fees
School of Fashion TechnologyRs. 2,00,000
Vogue Institute of Art and DesignRs. 3,67,000
Christ UniversityRs. 75,000
Vimala CollegeRs. 1,93,000
Aligarh Muslim UniversityRs. 5,00,000

Bachelor of Science in Horticulture Syllabus

The diploma in web design curriculum combines both theoretical and practical topics in order to develop a thorough and solid grasp of web design as a subject and competence. The following is a list of the whole curriculum for the diploma in web design:

First Year

Semester ISemester II
Basic principles involved in developing a website.Concept of Interactive Design
Planning ProcessPreparation of Advertisement, Magazine
Rules of web designVisual Reading Elements
Page DesignComposition
Home Page LayoutDigital Platform
Design ConceptDigital Output
Study of ColoursBasic Image Editing
Art & AestheticDigital Photography

Second Year

Semester IIISemester IV
Asymmetrical BalanceWorking with text and font properties.
Artificial LightPractising Hyperlink of Website
Short Depth of FieldMultimedia in Practice
PortraitBlock Properties in CSS
Beginning: CSSVideo Frame Grabber
Adobe PhotoshopJavaScript
Graphic DesignArtificial light

Diploma in Web Designing Scope

Following the conclusion of the Diploma in Web Designing programme, extending one’s education and pursuing a Postgraduate or PhD degree are excellent options. Your ability to get employment in the public or private sector will also be aided by improving your language abilities and expanding your knowledge.

Diploma in Web Designing Higher Studies

The following are the higher studies option for web designing diploma holders.

  • PhD

Diploma in Web Designing Job Profiles

The following are the job profiles for those who have diploma in web design.

  • Content Writer
  • Digital Artist
  • Design Consultant
  • Digital Imaging Specialist
  • E-Commerce Site Developer
  • Freelance Designer
  • Webmaster
  • Website Programmer
  • Web Media Designer
  • Flash Media Designer
  • Web Promotion Executive
  • Web Design Instructor
  • Multimedia Designer

Diploma in Web Designing Employment Areas

Some of the employment sectors are given below.

  • Web Site Designing Companies
  • Software Development Companies
  • Web Consultancies
  • Stock Photography Companies
  • Web Marketing Firms
  • Financial Institutions
  • Website Optimization Companies
  • Educational Institutes
  • Web Domain & Hosting Service Providers
  • Internet Marketing Companies
  • Website Development Firms
  • Professional Websites
  • Web Advertising Agencies

Diploma in Web Designing Recruiters

Here is given below some popular recruiters.

  • Accenture
  • Wipro
  • Digital Silk
  • Ruckus
  • Bop Design
  • Traina Design

Diploma in Web Design Salary

Each applicant’s predicted wage after earning a diploma in web design is unique and depends on their talents, education, and expertise. The typical wage for a web design student with a minimum of one year of expertise is in the range of Rs 3 lakh to Rs 4 lakh annually. The average remuneration for web design applicants with a minimum of 03 years of experience is close to Rs 6 lakh annually. The highest wage for web designers is between Rs 8 lakh and Rs 10 lakh per year, with an essential requirement of five years of expertise.

RoleInitial Salary
Web application developerRs. 5 lakhs
Web designerRs. 4 lakhs
App DeveloperRs. 3 lakhs
Project managerRs. 6 lakhs
Graphic designRs. 3.6 lakhs

Diploma in Web Designing colleges

Here is given below the list of Some reputed colleges and universities to pursue Diploma in Web Designing courses.

Name of CollegeLocation
School of Fashion TechnologyPune
Vogue Institute of Art and DesignBengaluru
Christ UniversityBengaluru
Vimala CollegeThrissur
Aligarh Muslim UniversityAligarh

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