How to Become an Architect?

Do you ever find yourself wondering who came up with the design and construction of a grand building or a peculiarly decorated room? The architect is involved in every step, from idea creation through formulation to building to bring it to life. Are you interested in an architecture career? You might think about pursuing architecture if you possess a talent for design and an eye for detail. 

Who is an Architect?

An architect plans designs, & supervises the construction of different buildings such as homes, offices, stadiums, etc. It is not a simple job for an architect to ensure that buildings meet many standards for public safety, quality, use, and environmental preservation. As a result, the architect needs to be innovative as well as have an awareness of all these variables. Having excellent interpersonal & communication skills is essential for architects because they frequently work in teams.

Types of Architects

Let’s first learn about the most typical sorts of architects with the aid of the provided table prior to learning in depth about how to become an architect:

Types of Architects Description 
Technical ArchitectThe technical aspects of a structure, such as its thermal effectiveness and water tightness, are primarily of interest to these professionals. Technical architects study and make modifications to construction mechanisms and features to guarantee that buildings adhere to national, regional, and local building regulations and legislation.
Planning ArchitectA planning architect, for instance, might inform a municipal or regional body about the legal restrictions that apply to a site or propose a project for their approval.
Site ArchitectA site engineer is in charge of overseeing all activity on a building site from beginning to end. An on-site architect may direct labourers, get a construction contract, and ensure that standards of quality & safety are upheld throughout the project.
Design ArchitectThis kind of architect is in charge of the full planning and building process. A design architect can create blueprints, draw out the basic layout of a building, and modify the design to suit the demands of the customer. The materials that will be used to build the project may also be chosen with the assistance of this specialist.

How to Become an Architect?

Due to the wide range of opportunities for a profession in architecture, it has grown immensely popular among candidates as a subject of study. Here is a detailed how-to for you:

1. Science Stream Selection after 10th

A person should start by picking the appropriate educational courses if you want to pursue a profession as an architect. You must pick a science stream in your 11th-grade exams, and you must make mathematics one of your primary topics since you need to comprehend numerous mathematical principles in order to plan the structure of a building. Additionally, while designing buildings on paper, sketching abilities are useful. Or Candidates can pursue a diploma in the relevant field.

2. Earn a Bachelor’s Degree

Your next step must be to pursue a Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch) degree after finishing your secondary school. The B.Arch programme typically lasts five years and is designed to provide students with the information and skills they need to work as architects in the construction industry. 

You can select from specialised bachelor’s degree programmes in architecture in addition to the standard BArch degree, including.

  • Bachelor’s in Engineering and Architectural Design
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Landscape Architecture
  • BSc/BA in Architecture Technology & Construction Management
  • BA (Hons) in Interior Architecture & Design

3. Apply for an Architect Position

After completing of the Architect Registration test & taking a licence, candidates can submit their application to work as an architect. You might work for an organisation, a private practice, or in the industry where you did your internship.

4. Work on Your Skills Through Training Programs

Before being professionally licenced, all architects must complete a required internship term, which is a part of their bachelor’s & master’s degree programmes. You will be needed to work as an assistant to a licenced architect in order to get training as an architect as well as exposure to all the technical aspects of building. For those interested in architecture preparing for their licencing tests, there are controlled training programmes in nations like the USA and Canada. 

5. Get Registered/Licensed as an Architect

Getting registered or obtaining a licence to practise as a professional architect is the last and most crucial stage. After earning a bachelor’s degree in architecture, you may be able to work as an architect without a licence in some countries, but getting a licence will allow you to apply for more jobs globally. In addition to receiving a diploma from an accredited university, an architect in India needed to register with The Council Of Architecture (COA) with all the necessary paperwork. Every foreign nation has a department that issues licence to architects. 

7. Earn a Master’s Degree

Pursuing a master’s degree is the next action in our step-by-step tutorial on how to become an architect. After graduation, students can choose from specialised master’s level programmes in architecture or a Masters in Architecture (M.Arch) degree if they want to get a higher-level credential. Even while many BArch candidates choose to look for employment after earning their bachelor’s degree, obtaining a postgraduate degree will enable you to build knowledge and specialise in a certain area. You can choose from the following major specialisations for the major master’s level architecture programmes:

  • Installation Art
  • Urban Design
  • Interior Architecture
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Sustainable Architecture
  • Naval Architecture
  • Civil Engineering
  • Architectural Engineering
  • Lighting Design and Management
  • Urban Studies and Planning
  • Real Estate Management

Similar Jobs as an Architect

Due to the demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly living environments and ongoing urbanisation, becoming an architect offers a wide range of career opportunities. Let’s look at the many career options available in the area of architecture now that someone are aware of the prerequisites you must satisfy to become an architect:

  1. Civil Engineer
  2. Industrial Designer
  3. CAD Designer
  4. Urban Planner
  5. Architectural Drafter
  6. Structural Designer
  7. Architectural Historian
  8. Structural Engineer
  9. Lighting Consultant
  10. Interior Designer

Salary Trends

A profession as an architect offers you a competitive benefits package in addition to respectable pay. In India, an architect makes on average Rs. 348,423. With experience and new talents, one’s compensation often rises. The salaries for the different positions in architecture are tabulated here. 

Lighting ArchitectRs. 340,872 
Research ArchitectRs. 13,03,845
Restoration ArchitectRs. 95,410 
Landscape ArchitectRs. 8,63,500

Top Colleges in India for Architects 

In India, there are several organisations that offer professional training in the subject of architecture. These are India’s best universities for studying architecture. 

Name of InstitutionAdmission Route
IIT KharagpurJEE Mains+ JEE Advanced + AAT
IIT RoorkeeJEE Mains+ Advanced + AAT
National Institute of Technology (NIT’s)JEE Mains Paper 2
BIT MesraJEE Mains Paper 2
School of Planning & ArchitectureJEE Mains Paper 2
Chandigarh College of ArchitectureJEE Mains Paper 2
Faculty of Architecture, Jamia Milia UniversityJEE Mains Paper 2
SMVDU, KatraJEE Mains Paper 2
Sir J. J. College Of ArchitectureJEE Mains Paper 2 / NATA
Manipal Institute of TechnologyNATA

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