BBM – Full form, Course details, Salary, Eligibility, Scope, Admission, Syllabus

BBM – Full form, Course details, Salary, Eligibility, Scope, Admission, Syllabus

BBM – The rapid expansion of enterprises has created a wide range of employment opportunities. The institutions have been at the forefront of providing top-notch business education in order to accommodate a variety of career opportunities. A broad phrase, “business management” refers to a variety of programmes that fall under the umbrella of commerce & deal with the administration of an organisation. For candidates aiming for a career in the Commerce stream, BBM programmes are an option that may be taken at the undergraduate level following the 12th grade.

What is BBM?

 BBM (Bachelor of Business Management) which is serves as the full name of the UG degree curriculum where students study business management. Numerous private and governmental colleges and universities offer the three-year programme. The degree closely resembles a BBA. Students who already have a foundational understanding of business and desire to pursue a career in it can enrol in this course. It is necessary for students to have successfully completed their 10+2 in any disciplines from any approved board to continue with the programme. The opportunity to study both academic and practical aspects of several business topics is provided to BBM students.

Why Choose a Bachelor of Business Management?

The following are some major benefits of enrolling in a BBM course:

  • A BBM course improves job prospects. When recruiting someone for a management role, many businesses look for abilities including how to manage personnel, how to effectively communicate, and how to foster a strong collaborative spirit within one’s team.
  • Applicants get the chance to network with a wide range of people who share their interests. Students can interact with teachers, recruiters, and other students who share their love for the workplace and similar work ideals. 
  • A BBM course encourages students to consider cutting-edge marketing tactics that can help companies expand quickly.

BBM Course Eligibility Criteria

The following are all requirements for entrance to the BBM programme:

  • In order to be eligible for admission to the BBM programme in India, applicants must have earned their 10+2 diploma from a recognised educational board.
  • To be qualifying for a BBM degree programme, candidates must have received a minimum of 50% of their possible points in both their secondary and higher secondary education.
  • One’s success in the admission exam, group discussion, & interviews held by the private universities & colleges will determine their selection.

BBM Courses Admission Process

Students must pass a standard admission exam to be accepted into the programme. Exams are administered at many institutions and universities. There are three steps, the order of which determines whether a student is admitted:

Entrance test: Candidates for the programme must pass a standard entrance exam in order to be considered for admission. Exams are administered differently at various colleges. Students must pass the test. If the student meets the necessary score requirements after the cut-off is declared, the admissions process can continue.

Personal Interview Round:For admission, an applicant must additionally pass a round of personal interviews. The next stage is to succeed in the personal interview if you received the necessary grades to be admitted to a BBM institution.

Counseling/Admission: The counselling round is the last stage in the BBM programme admission procedure. The final phase is counselling once the student has passed the admission exam & the round of individual interviews.

BBM Entrance Exams

The candidates might take one of the admission tests for the BBM programme to learn more about the programme. A strong merit score in mathematics from a 10+2 education is also necessary, however taking admission examinations is not a requirement. Several of the admission tests include:

  • NPAT
  • UGAT
  • SET

BBM Course Fee Structure

The cost of the BBM course varies and is not set in stone. Location, educators, need, infrastructure, and the resources accessible to participants are a few of the variables that determine BBM fees. In India, the average cost of a BA degree usually varies between INR 10,000 to 3 LPA.

Bachelor of Business Management Syllabus

The BBM programme’s syllabus and contents are designed to provide students a deeper understanding of the numerous course topics, which is crucial for them to develop their knowledge in subsequent courses.

The BBM curriculum and subjects cover a wide range of areas, including operations research, & finance. Among the crucial topics covered in the BBM programme are:

  • Economics
  • Business Law
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Ethics
  • Management

BBM Scope

A student who enrols in the Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) programme has a wealth of employment options available to them. Students can utilise the skills they gain in the course to establish their own enterprises or to search for entry-level management positions in business firms after completing the course. BBM also aids with the development of the solid foundational abilities needed to enrol in postgraduate management programmes like an MBA.

BBM Higher Studies

The finest incomes are available in India and overseas for BBM graduates, and practically all commercial and governmental sectors of different organisations provide these opportunities. Applicants may always pursue additional education after earning their degree, which will increase their chances of landing a job down the road.

  • MA
  • M.Com
  • MBA
  • PGDM
  • LLB
  • B.Ed
  • MBA
  • M.Com in Business Administration
  • PGD in Global Business Operation
  • PGD in Business Finance
  • PGD in Management for Executives
  • PGD in Agriculture Business Management

BBM Job Profiles

The following are the job profiles for BBM graduates.

  • Professor
  • Budget Analyst
  • Financial Consultant
  • Probationary Officer
  • Relationship Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Delivery Manager
  • Business Operations Manager

BBM Employment Areas

Here are the some of the employment sector where anyone BBM graduates can get job.

  • Science
  • Education
  • Politics
  • Health Sector
  • Investigation
  • Business
  • Banking

BBM Recruiters

The following are the top recruiters for BBM graduates.

  • Goldman
  • Google
  • Infosys
  • Cognizant Technology Solutions
  • Accenture
  • TCS
  • HCL Technologies
  • International Business Machines [IBM] Corp
  • Genpact
  • Inc
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Wipro
  •  Concentrix Corporation
  • eClerx

BBM Salary

The cost of a BBM programme varies depending on the job profile. BBM grads can make a great living after gaining some work experience. The knowledge and abilities of an applicant determine the BBM compensation. The suggested average income for the BBM Programmes ranges from INR 1L to 14 LPA.

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