3 year LLB vs 5 year integrated LLB, Which is better?

3 year LLB vs 5 year integrated LLB – Law is one of the most popular as well as demanding field of education and Ever since BA LLB 5 Year Integrated Course has come to India, people have a doubt in their mind which course they should do. The selection of career path after 12th Or graduation is a big as well as common confusion among students that 3 year LLB vs 5 year integrated LLB, which is best. In this article, we will clear your all doubt regarding 3 years LLB vs 5 year integrated LLB. just go through this article.(3 year LLB vs 5 year integrated LLB, which is better?)

Eligibility criteria

Here is given the eligibility criteria both course.

3 year LLB

  • Minimum requirements for 3 year LLB program, candidate’s must have graduation degree in any discipline with minimum 45% marks.
  • Admission will be done in most of the Institute on the basis of entrance exam such as LSAT.

5 year integrated LLB

Eligibility of 5 year Law LLB Courses such as BA LLB, BBA LLB, BCOM LLB, BSC LLB are given below

  • Minimum qualifications for 5 year integrated LLB, candidate’s must have passed in class 12 or equivalent exam from any recognised board with minimum 50% marks.
  • Candidate’s can take admission in 5 year law LLB Courses through Entrance exam Such as CLAT,AILET,SET etc.

Save an year!

The candidate’s can save their one year by taking admission in 5 year LLB course because If they do 3 years graduation and then 3 years l.l.b., So in 6 years their l.l.b. will be completed and if they do 3 year LLB after BTech, then it will take a total of 7 years.(3 year LLB vs 5 year integrated LLB, which is better?)

Extra curricular activity

If we talk about majority, then the 5 year law colleges are new that why they have extra curricular activities as well as moot courts and internships are mandatory where as 3 year law course has been going on for centuries Due to which extra attention is not given to extra curricular activities and there is no facility of moot courts and Internships, candidates have to arrange everything on their own level for practise But change is coming slowly.

Students can do all these things even in the 3 year law program, but in that you will have to arrange everything yourself, if you have to do research work then you have to do it by yourself and if you have to go to moot court then you have to make your team You have to take it yourself and if you want to do internship then you will have to do it yourself

In moot courts, a court-like environment is created for students and given a case to solve so that candidates can check their ability and interest that they know that they feel happy in research work or debate etc and then they will make their career according to their interested work as well as they do not feel awkward in real court and From internship, the candidate’s gain first hand practical experience of working in company,NGO etc (3 year LLB vs 5 year integrated LLB, which is better?)

Bonding and Networking

Bonding and networking is a must for both a lawyer or an advocate or other law career and it could be better in 5-year integrated LLB course as compared to 3 year LLB course because internship is mandatory in 5 year LLB program.

Apart from this, there is a reason that in the 3-year LLB program, students have graduated. Because of this, they are preparing for the students government job and they do not come to college daily that’s why They do not have good bonding among them. (3 year LLB vs 5 year integrated LLB, which is better?)

More focused

In the 5 Year Integrated LLB Course, students are given more attention as well as provided School Like atmosphere so it’s easy to stay motivated and focused. Students can write research papers well because other students will be writing research papers along with you. If students want to apply for internship then they will get help from senior as well as Faculty and students will have to participate in moot courts where as in 3 year LLB program, students will have to done all in their own level. (3 year LLB vs 5 year integrated LLB, which is better?)


The LLB 5 year course fees are more expensive except GLC, bombay because they are self-financed, the government does not help them where as Colleges that offer 3 year LLB programs are almost government and their infrastructure is already built and they get funding from the government. (3 year LLB vs 5 year integrated LLB, which is better?)

The Average fee for 5 year law Program is around Rs. 1,00,000/- per annum where as maximum fee for 3 year LLb course vary from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 10,000 per annum.

Note – To 5 year integrated law course syllabus, go through official website of particular college or university which offered admission in this program.


If any students have not done graduation and want to make their career in the field of law, then the best course for them will be 5 Year Integrated LLB Program Because with the help of this course students can save their one year, which they can utilize on other places like networking, bonding, internships and so on.

If they have done or are doing their graduation, then they should have to do 3 year LLB program only because if they do 5 year integrated LLB program then they will have more time wasted in it. As you all know, time is most important for us but If any students cannot afford a 5 year integrated LLB program, then it would be best for them to do only 3 year low program. By the way, intelligent students can study anywhere, but if they get better opportunities, then they can do more better.

Got a question?

Frequently Asked Questions

5 year integrated law program is more better then 3 year Law program but if you cannot afford it or graduated then go through 3 year law program.

yes, but not better than 5 year integrated law program because curriculum of 3 year law course are old as well as not focused on such things like internship, moot courts etc.

It’s completely depend on you as well as your career field because eligibility of both the courses or duration are different but if you are 12th pass then you have to take admission in BA LLB or if you are graduated then you have to take admission in LLB because time is more important. BA LLB take 5 year where as LLB take 6 year (first 3 year for graduation and other three year for LLB)

No, NLU’s does not offer 3 year LLB Program. They offer only 5 year integrated LLB program such as BA LLB, BCOM LLB, BBA LLB, BSC LLB etc.

obviously, BA LLB because this course are new and in this course, there is more extra circular activities as well as provided school like atmosphere that means more focused on students as well as internship, moot courts or other activities

No, You can’t do LLB in 2 years, it requires 3 year but if you take admission in 5 year integrated course after 12th then your graduation and LLB both are completed in 5 year.

5 year is the duration of BA LLB course because in which, candidate will get degree of two courses one is BA that is graduation and other is law (LLB).

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