M.Voc (Master of Vocation) – Full form, Course details, Salary, Scope, Fees, Admission, Syllabus, Eligibility, Colleges, Entrance Exam, Career, Benefits 2024

M.Voc (Master of Vocation) – Do you have a Bachelor’s degree in Vocational Field & wish to pursue a Post Graduate Vocational degree? If you answered yes, you should read this article. We have discussed the M. Voc. program in detail here. Master of Vocation (M.Voc.) is a two-year postgraduate degree that focuses on particular industrial and labour skill sets.

A Master of Vocation degree allows potential candidates to get professional experience and thrive in their chosen field of art or technology. The degree can lead to a range of jobs in industries such as fashion, interior design, hospitality, and travel & tourism.

What is M.Voc (Master of Vocation)?

Master of Vocation (M.Voc) is a postgraduate degree primarily a vocation training programme developed by the University Grants Commission (UGC) as a two-year curriculum to improve the quality of vocational education in India. The course’s goal is to teach skilled trades that will improve teaching approaches through practical training. M.Voc is perfect for creative individuals interested in pursuing a professional career in design, media, or the hospitality business.

Language abilities, business communication skills, and other skill-building areas are included in the M.Voc programme. The employment scope of M.Voc is very broad, and it is growing in response to the increased demand for competent employees who can contribute creatively to a professional setting.

M.Voc Course List

  • M.Voc. Import & Export Management
  • M.Voc. Interior Design
  • M.Voc. Travel & Tourism
  • M.Voc. Software Development
  • M.Voc. Agriculture
  • M.Voc. Medical Lab Technology
  • M.Voc. Journalism & Mass Communication
  • M.Voc. Photography
  • M.Voc. E-Commerce & Digital Marketing
  • M.Voc. Radio Production
  • M.Voc. Sales & Marketing
  • M.Voc. Apparel Design
  • M.Voc. Automobile
  • M.Voc. Food Processing
  • M.Voc. Visual Media & Filmmaking
  • M.Voc. Rubber Technology
  • M.Voc. Retail Management
  • M.Voc. Product Design
  • M.Voc. Jewelry Design
  • M.Voc. Beauty Therapy & Aesthetics
  • M.Voc. Hotel Management
  • M.Voc. Banking & Finance
  • M.Voc. Dairy Technology
  • M.Voc. Renewable Energy
  • M.Voc. Healthcare Management
  • M.Voc. Patient Care Management
  • M.Voc. Medical Imaging Technology
  • M.Voc. Hardware & Networking
  • M.Voc. Information Technology
  • M.Voc. Modern Office Practice
  • M.Voc. Fashion Design
  • M.Voc. Digital Media & Animation
  • M.Voc. Textile Design

Why Choose M.Voc?

M.Voc is all about following one’s desired job while maintaining a high level of technical proficiency and professionalism. The following are some of the reasons why the M.Voc programme is ideal for graduates:

  • M.Voc programme is aligned with National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF) as the course is a merger of industry and work, and aspirants will be industry-ready upon graduation, unlike any other programme.
  • M.Voc delivers a diverse selection of professional options across the world, ensuring that graduates have a prosperous future.

M.Voc Course Eligibility Criteria

The M.Voc. eligibility requirements are discussed below.

  • Aspirants must have completed their undergraduate degree from any recognised Institution/university to be eligible for pursuing M.Voc. degree courses.
  • Candidates must normally have a 50 to 60 per cent aggregate mark in their graduation.

Master of Vocation Courses Admission Process

A bachelor’s degree is required for those interested in pursuing an M.Voc. in any subject. The M.Voc entrance criteria, which vary according to the institution’s curriculum, must be met by the candidate. Most universities provide merit-based admission only.

  • Aspirants can apply for the desired university either online or offline. If the university holds an entrance exam, Aspirants will be required to take an M.Voc. admissions test.
  • The merit lists or the results of the admission test determine the selection procedure. Aspirants that meet the selection criteria will be chosen to participate in the group discussions.
  • After that, aspirants may be needed to attend an interview session at a certain university.
  • However, the majority of M.Voc. admissions are based on merit. Students are then exempt from taking the admission exams.

M.Voc Course Fee structure

An M.Voc program charges vary based on the institution and speciality. Aspirants are required to pay their fees at the start of each semester or the academic year. A Master of Vocation Education is a two-year postgraduate programme with four semesters. M.Voc charges often vary from INR 50,000 to 1 LPA.

CollegesFees Structure
Bhartiya Skill Development University, JaipurINR 1 LPA
Loyola College, ChennaiINR 48,000 PA
Amity University, MumbaiINR 1.4 LPA
Jagannath Institute of Management Sciences, DelhiINR 1.2 LPA

M.Voc (Master of Vocation) Specializations

The M.Voc. program has various specialities. Here are some of the most well-known Master of Vocation specialisations:

DesignTextile Design
Fashion Design
Jewellery Design
Product Design
Apparel Design
Interior Design
HospitalityTravel & Tourism
Medical and HealthcareMedical Imaging Technology
Healthcare Management
Medical Lab Technology
MarketingSales & Marketing
E-Commerce & Digital Marketing
Manufacturing Skills
MediaRadio Production
Journalism & Mass Communication
Visual Media & Filmmaking
SoftwareInformation Technology
Software Development

M.Voc (Master of Vocation) Syllabus

M.Voc is a programme for vocational training. It is a new programme offered by the University of Georgia to develop specialists in India. The curriculum prepares students for NSQF level 9 manufacturing skills and explores business opportunities.

M.Voc assists students in gaining both traditional and professional knowledge. This programme, which features high-spirited specialities and educates students about the newest trends in the worldwide market, provides practical insight into several sectors. The following are some of the subjects covered in the M.Voc curriculum:

  • Communication Skills Development
  • Android Development
  • Human Resource Management
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Strategy

M.Voc (Master of Vocation) Higher Studies

Candidates interested in furthering their education can enrol in industry-specific certification courses. They can also work for a PhD in Vocation in their chosen field. The following are some of the programs you might take after obtaining your M.Voc.

  • Master in Business Administration
  • PG Cert Education
  • PG Cert Counseling
  • Certification Course in Computerized Accounting and Financial Decision
  • Certification Course in Corporate Communication

M.Voc (Master of Vocation) Job Profiles

Depending on their specialities, students can find outstanding M.Voc positions in a range of sectors. Candidates with a Master of Vocation degree might pick from a range of career options. The following are the most popular jobs for someone with an M.Voc. degree.

  • School Teacher
  • Recruiter
  • Marketing Manager
  • Social Worker
  • Software Trainer
  • Vocational Counselor
  • Civil Service

M.Voc (Master of Vocation) Salary

Depending on the specialisation and domain chosen, an M.Voc graduate’s typical pay ranges from INR 2 to 4 LPA. Experience and inventive talents are used to advance one’s career.

M.Voc (Master of Vocation) colleges

In India, M.Voc institutions not only emphasise developing skills in candidates but also foster entrepreneurial tendencies. The following is a list of top M.Voc colleges in India:

1JNCA Bangalore
2BSDU Jaipur
3Loyola College
4CUSAT Kochi
5Amity University Mumbai
6University of Allahabad
7NPGC Lucknow
8IIFA Lancaster Degree College
9JIMS Delhi
10Kanya Mahavidyalaya

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Got a question?

Frequently Asked Questions

Following MVoc, there are a variety of job options. Interior design, product designer, and travel agent are just a few of the prominent professional possibilities.

Aspirants should complete the M.Voc. degree application form and submit it to their favourite colleges. Depending on the institute, admission will be based on merit or an entrance examination.

Master of Vocation is abbreviated as M. Voc. This curriculum leads to a Master’s Degree. In actuality, it is a professional development programme. After earning a B.Voc. degree, students can pursue a Master of Vocation degree.

To pursue a Master of Vocation, the candidate must have earned a Bachelor of Vocation degree from a recognised institution or university.

A vocational degree is required for many vocations, including fashion design, massage treatment, auto maintenance, construction, and carpentry. Vocational training teaches people scientific, culinary, and healthcare skills.

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