BSW (Bachelor of Social Work) – Full form, Salary, Scope 2024

BSW (Bachelor of Social Work) – Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) is a professional degree in the area of social work that is provided at the undergraduate (UG) level. Typically, a BSW degree program lasts three years and is divided into 6 semesters. Aspirants can study BSW as an entire program or as a correspondence/distance education. Colleges in India provide a BSW degree programme in both English & Hindi.

What is BSW (Bachelor of Social Work)?

BSW is a three-year undergraduate programme that is especially advantageous to persons working at the middle and lower levels of NGOs and social and development organisations in both the public and private sectors. BSW is offered in both English and Hindi throughout the country.

It is beneficial to applicants who wish to work in the social welfare sector since it enables them to get professional skills and knowledge to assist clients in dealing with emotional and psychological issues. Based on indigenous wisdom, the programme provides social work education and training. It assists the learner in developing the necessary attitudes for comprehending people’s problem-solving solutions.

The Bachelor’s Degree course in BSW is divided into three parts:

  • Foundation Courses
  • Elective Courses
  • Field Work (Practicum)

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Why Choose BSW (Bachelor of Social Work)?

BSW is perfect for those who want to provide professional support to those who need it.

  • BSW is designed specifically for those who want to improve the quality of life for the poorest of the poor and recognise the rising demand for properly educated social workers across the country.
  • BSW assists the student in developing professional skills and the ability in assisting individuals in resolving different social and economic challenges.
  • Having strong observation and evaluation abilities, as well as prior awareness of current social concerns, aids in achieving greatness in the topic.

BSW (Bachelor of Social Work) Course Eligibility Criteria

All the universities and institutions have their own different eligibility requirements. The following are the minimum eligibility criteria to enrol in BSW course.

  • Candidates must have completed (10+2) Secondary and Higher Secondary education from a recognised board in humanities and science.
  • Aspirants from the SC/ST categories must get at least 40% in the qualifying exams. Depending on the university, this proportion may differ.
  • Most admissions are based on merit, thus a high school diploma is required to study at a top institution.

BSW (Bachelor of Social Work) Courses Admission Process

Admission is determined by the university or college’s cut-off lists. The admissions procedure is completely based on merit. An Aptitude Test is also conducted by several universities, such as Osmania University.

BSW Direct Admission

Universities such as Amity University provide direct admission through management quota. Direct admission is not accessible at government colleges since they do not have a management quota.

BSW Lateral Entry

Aspirants can apply for lateral entry into the second and third years of BSW at institutes such as the Delhi Institute of Professional Studies. The requirements range from one college to the next.

BSW Distance Admission

Aspirants who are unable to complete a full-time study might enrol in a three-year distance BSW programme. Candidates must ensure that the Distance Education Board (DEB) of the University of Georgia has authorised and certified the distance BSW courses. Only then are the degrees legitimate and acceptable for work in government and private institutions, as well as for further education.

BSW remote learning courses are available from universities such as IGNOU and Annamalai University. Age isn’t a barrier. Examinations are held either online or at the institute’s examination centres. The duration in distance mode is a minimum of 3 years whereas a maximum of 6 years.

BSW (Bachelor of Social Work) Course Fee structure

The cost of a Bachelor of Social Work degree ranges from INR 7K to INR 30K each year. The cost of a BSW course varies based on the college/facilities university and amenities, as well as the degree of education delivered. The following table represents some colleges and their fees.

College NameFees Per Annum
Magadh Mahila College, PatnaINR 8K
Amity University, LucknowINR 66K
RKDF University, BhopalINR 20K
Patna University, PatnaINR 7K
Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, PuneINR 35K

BSW (Bachelor of Social Work) Specializations

Most institutions provide a variety of electives to be chosen. These electives can be quite beneficial in terms of specialisation. The following is a list of both basic and optional courses.

1.Humanities and Social Sciences
2.Science and Technology
3.Introduction to Social Work
4.Basics of Psychology for Social Workers
5.Social Work Intervention with Individuals and Groups
6.Social Work Intervention with Communities and Institutions
7.Empowerment of Women
8.Sexual Health Education
9.Marriage, Partnership and Parenthood
10.Introduction To HIV/AIDS
11.Substance Abuse and Counselling
12.Basics of Counselling

BSW (Bachelor of Social Work) Syllabus

The Bachelor of Social Work course syllabus and subjects are constructed in such a way that students have a better grasp of numerous course subjects that are vital for them to create their knowledge in future courses. The BSW curriculum and modules include a wide range of areas related to social work. They cover a wide range of topics, including psychology, sociology, language, social issues, fieldwork, community development, and much more.

BSW First-Year SubjectsBSW Second-Year SubjectsBSW Third-Year Subjects
Introduction to Social WorkBasics & Emergence of Social WorkCurrent Issues in Community & Organization
Social Work Intervention with CommunitiesPsychology Concepts of Human BehaviourSexual Health Education
Social Work Intervention with InstitutionField WorkRole of NGOs
Introduction to Family EducationScience & TechnologyApproaches in Social Work
Substance AbuseRelevance of Psychology in Social WorkFactual Information of Substance Abuse, Relevance & Implications
Humanities & Social ScienceSocial Problems & ServicesDeveloping Skills & Competencies for Intervention of Strategies
Introduction to HIV/AIDSBasic Concepts of Social PsychologyEmpowerment of Women
CounsellingIntroduction to Social Case WorkCognitive & Psychoanalytical Techniques
Methodology to Understand Social RealityContemporary Social Problems & Social DefenseCultural & Social Values in Family Life

BSW Scope of Higher Studies

Higher education opportunities for a Bachelor of Social Work with the greatest pay are available in practically all commercial and public sectors of various organisations in India and worldwide. Students with a bachelor’s degree in social work (BSW) can pursue a master’s degree in one of the following fields:

  • Master of Arts in Extensive Education and Social Work
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Women’s Studies
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Social Work and Rural Development
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Social Work among Tribals
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Arts in Social Work
  • Master of Arts in Gandhian Studies, Master of Arts in Gender and Development Studies

BSW (Bachelor of Social Work) Scope

Social work is both a practice and an academic study that fosters societal change and growth, social cohesiveness, and individual empowerment and liberty. Social work is based on principles of social justice, human rights, communal responsibility, and diversity and respect.

BSW Employment sectors

The following are the employment sector where BSW Graduates join as a professional.

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Counselling Centres
  • Mental Hospitals
  • Old Age Homes
  • Prisons

BSW (Bachelor of Social Work) Job Profiles

The following are the job profiles for BSW (Bachelor of Social Work) Graduates.

Habilitation specialistGroup home worker
Mental health assistantResidential counsellor
Activity directorWorkshop director
Volunteer CoordinatorYouth worker
Community development workerAdult guidance worker
Teaching parentProgram Coordinator
Charity officerPlay Therapist
Advice worker

BSW (Bachelor of Social Work) Salary

The compensation for a BSW course varies depending on the job description. Bachelor of Social Work graduates with some experience in the industry might earn a very excellent wage. The pay for a Bachelor of Social Work varies depending on the aspirant’s knowledge and talents.

The organisation and position you work for are also factors that influence the typical wage package. Freshmen may start with an ordinary BSW compensation package, but as they acquire experience, their pay rises to a specific level. The typical income for the BSW course is between INR 2L and 5L per annum.

Job ProfilesAverage Annual Salary (INR)
Social Worker3,16,000
Special Educator2,16,000
Project Manager4,50,000
Habilitation Specialist7,50,000

BSW (Bachelor of Social Work) colleges

Bachelor of Social Work graduate degree programmes are offered by top Bachelor of Social Work institutions in India and internationally to students interested in humanities and science, psychology, social studies, and other fields. The following are some of the finest colleges in India for a Bachelor of Social Work:

Sl.No.Name of the College
1Bharathidasan University
2 Jamia Millia Islamia University
3Indira Gandhi National Open University
4Osmania University
5National Institute of Social Work and Social Sciences
6Patna University
7Aligarh Muslim University
8Madras School of Social Work
9University of Delhi
10Madras Christian College

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Got a question?

Frequently Asked Questions

The bachelor’s degree in social work (BSW) is best suited for entry-level careers in fields including family services, child welfare, public health, and substance misuse. Individuals interested in clinical social work, on the other hand, frequently continue their school and earn a Master of Social Work degree (MSW).

A bachelor’s degree in social work (BSW) is ideal for entry-level positions in disciplines such as family services, child welfare, public health, and substance abuse. Clinical social workers, on the other hand, usually continue their education to get a Master of Social Work degree (MSW).

Yes, you may study MBA after BSW if you have a minimum of 50% in your BSW graduation from a BSW college recognised by any board of education.

Yes. There are several job opportunities available, and one may work their way through them to become a member of well-known NGOs, government agencies, organisations, and enterprises. However, a Master’s degree is recommended to focus on a specialisation.

Candidates who complete a BSW programme can work in NGOs, rehab centres, schools, organisations, community centres, and other departments that require expert assistance in social work.

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